BS1192:2007+A2:2016 – Naming Conventions

For those who know there has been a new revision to the BS1192 document making it BS1192:2007+A2:2016 which has changed a bit from the previous version. To help illustrate what this means I have coloured the document for training purposes in the company i work for.

The BS1192 is one of the most important documents for Level 2  BIM and sets the standards for “Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction

I will start by explaining the differences (of naming convention) below with my personal coloured version of Table 4 which separates each of the Field requirements for Directories, Files and Containers:Table4-OSedit

The example’s for each field requirements are show at the bottom of the table in the row titled “Name” (above). Below I have separated them to make it easier to digest:


Directories – DIrecotry

Files – file

Containers – container

In my next post I will focus on Suitability codes and how they all link in together with the file naming.


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